Price plans for foreign travelers to Belarus

MTS Belarus offers to the foreign travelers, non residents of the Republic of Belarus, the following prices plans:

«Guest 7»

  • Fee per 7 days: 6.35 BYN;
  • Internet traffic included: 1GB;
  • SMS and minutes included: 0 (to be paid additionally); 
  • Additional Internet traffic packages: Guest INET.

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 «Guest 30» 

  • Fee per 30 days: 13,86 BYN;
  • Internet traffic included: 2GB for the first 30-days period and 1GB for the second and next 30-days periods;
  • Minutes included: 1000 mins for calls to MTS Belarus numbers;
  • Minutes to others networks: 0 (to be paid additionally);
  • Additional Internet traffic packagesGuest INET for 15 or 30 days.

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«Bezlimitische» (Unlimited Flatrate)

  • Monthly fee: 16,84 BYN;
  • Internet traffic included: unlimited Internet;
  • Minutes included: 400 mins monthly for calls to all networks of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Modem mode: 50 MB daily in the modem mode — free of charge, more than 50 MB per day (up to 23:59) — 0,50 BYN;
  • Additional  packages of minutes to all networks: 200 (to be paid additionally).

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Please note, that once a price plan activated it is impossible to change it for another one.


In case you leave the Republic of Belarus for a relatively short period (less than 180 days) and wish to keep your number and freeze your account balance, we recommend you to get the temporary (voluntary) blocking of your account. To do so, please send a request to In case there is no need to keep your number, we recommend you to contact the Subscriber Service Center in order to cancel the contract.
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